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(813) 333-5459

14 Years Proven Success in Tampa Bay

       We wrote the BOOK on CNA Training !CNA,

      #1 Choice for CNA / PCT in Tampa Bay !NA Training, CNA TEST PREP  CNA Class - CNA Training - CNA Test - CNA Challenge - CNA Test Prep - Florida CNA Exam

  * #1 Choice for CNA

* 99% PASS Rate

* New Students Weekly

* A+ Rating at the BBB

* GED Not Required 18+

* No Experience Needed


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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

CNA Examination Preparation - 40 Hrs - Only $249

813- 333-5459 -  New Classes Start Every Week

Our CNA Exam Prep Boot Camp Program does not waste your time .   We are proud to announce that we have 99.9% State of Florida SUCCESS Test Pass Rate... this is because you get the PERSONAL ATTENTION and Hands-On instruction that you truly need. 

Q. How much is the Class?
$249 for CNA Exam Prep / $449 for Both CNA / and Hospital PCT Career Skills
Q. How Long is this Class?
4 Days hands-on Clinical Skills 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM / +On-line Videos /+Theories  Class / Written/ 40 Hrs
Q. How soon may I start the class
New Class starts every Monday at 5PM - Just Walk In - Register, Pay & Start that   same day.
Q. How much is the State of Florida CNA Exam Testing fees?
$155 Effective July 2016 - Paid to Prometric- Includes 1st License until 5/31/17

Q. How Long Until I take the CNA test? Fla BON Controls ALL Testing Date - Approx 3 to 5 wks after $155 Fees Paid to Fl Board of Nursing (Time Varies)

 Q. Is a High School Diploma Required? NO - If you are over 18 yrs

Q. Do I need a background Check?
If required, Fla BON will advise you to initiate the background and finger prints
Q. I have a felony can I still take the test.
Fla BON Makes this decision - They review each case individually.
Q. What is TBCNA Pass Rate
We RARELY have someone fail. - #1 Passing Rate in Tampa Bay.
Q What Training Manual do you use.
We wrote the CNA Training Manual you will receive. We teach lot's of details.
Q How long have you been around. has been teaching this class for 14 Years - 10,000+ Students


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

40 Hr CNA Exam Prep  

$249 Package

A Complete "Hands-On" Instruction Test Prep Package

Each Clinical Skill is 3 to 5 Minutes in Length  - We wrote the BOOK on CNA Training !


We keep it Simple Fast & Easy

22 Nursing Clinical Skills Required For The E-4 Other Training Test  

Safety, Universal Precautions and Infection Control are Emphasized in Each Clinical Skill. This is a BLENDED Hands-On Clinical Skills Class and includes a complete Clinical Skills Review e-Learning On-Line... the BEST of Both Worlds!

Skill 1 -  Hand Washing
Skill 2 - Enter Room Procedure
Skill 3 - Exit Room Procedure
Skill 4 - Change Position in Bed 
Skill 5 - Brushing Teeth
Skill 6 - Denture & Oral Care
Skill 7 - Transfer To Wheelchair
Skill 8 - Bed Making
Skill 9 - Upper Range of Motion
Skill 10 - Lower Range of Motion
Skill 11 - Bed Pan Placement

Skill 12 - Upper Bed Bath
Skill 13 - Measure Urine Output
Skill 14 - Cather Cleaning
Skill 15 - Perinea Care
Skill 16 - Hair and Nails
Skill 17 - Feeding
Skill 18 - Pulse & respiration
Skill 19 - Blood Pressure
Skill 20 - Height & Weight
Skill 21 - Foot Care
Skill 22 - Ambulation

Opening & Closing Procedures
Bed Move in 3 Sections
Place a Bed Matt On Bed
Bed Bath Blanket
Bed Pan On the Patient
Roll Patient From Side to Side
Clean Equipment & Room
How to make a mitt

 Written Test: 3 Sample Test & Audio Files
* Hygiene * Self-Care/Independence
* Dressing & Grooming
* Emotional & Mental Health Needs
* Nutrition and Hydration
* Spiritual & Cultural Needs

Elderly Abuse
Alzheimer’s Disease
Personal Protective Equip
Ethics, HIPAA,
Infection Control  Communication
Blood Spills - Included
HIV-AIDS What is it?
Postmortem Care
Body Mechanics
Blood Borne Pathogens

* Patient Observation 1,2,3

* Domestic Violence

* Repertory Disorders
* Musculoskeletal  Sys
* Integumentary Sys
* Mental Status Deficits
* Urinary Symptoms
* Dehydration

* Infection Control
* Bed Safety
* Communication
* Hands-On Clinical
* Written Test
* Training  "Secrets"
* 90 Days On-Line


Both Hands-On Nursing Clinical Skills and Written Test Samples with Audio - Included

Class Schedule Here - Reserve your seat  Click Here - Pay on 1st Class Day at 5 PM

To work in a Hospital YOU MUST FIRST be a Licensed CNA. There are centers that are selling PCT Without CNA. WE DO NOT SELL PCT OR PST without including the CNA Examination Preparation Class. The CNA is the minimum requirement to get a job in a Healthcare including Hospitals. You may search here to see the requirements of local Hospitals for these types of positions <Click HERE>

Healthcare Career Structure
Physician Assistant (PA) Licensed by SOF BOA
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Licensed by SOF BOA
Registered Nurse (RN) Licensed by SOF BOA
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Licensed by SOF BOA
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Licensed by SOF BOA
Patient Care Technician (PCT) NON-LICENSED
CNA License Required
Below are the un-Licensed Positions - Certification Classes  

**Hospital Patient Care Technician (PCT) - +Need a CNA License
** Hospital Patient Support Technician
+Need a CNA License
*** Medical Assistant (MA) - Un-Licensed - Certification –
Dr’s Office  

**** Home HealthCare Aid (HHA)- Un-Licensed ( CNA or 75 Hr Class)

** Hospital PCT / PST are Class Certifications Only –  PCT / PST You still must be a Licensed CNA by State of Florida Board of Nursing

*** Medical Assistants (MA) are NOT Licensed by the State of Florida Board of Nursing  MA’s only work in Doctor’s office. You must get your CNA to work in all other positions in healthcare. Hospital /  ALF / Nursing Homes / Home Care.

**** Home HealthCare Aid is under the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) Florida Laws allow CNA’s to work in Home Heath.  However, if you are not a Licensed CNA then AHCA requires either a 75 Hour Course Certificate from a Registered School or you must take a proficiency test given by the AHCA Licensed Agency.


Quick Review How it works......  

CNA Hands On Training - Examination Preparation Classes $249  - New Classes Start Every Week Both Centers

#1. Arrive any Monday at 5 PM - Carrollwood  4 Days Class
#1. Arrive any Tuesday at 5 PM - South Tampa  3 Days Class
#2. Register Pay -Start class that day 5:30 PM to 8:30PM
#3. Part 1 - Attend the Clinical Skills Class (3 or 4 Days)
#4. Register to TEST ASAP $155 to Fl Board Nursing ASAP
#5. Part 2 - Review videos of same skills at home.
#6. Part 3 - Watch the 5 Hr - Theories & Ethics On line
#7. PASS YOUR TEST - Get Certified
#8. Med Tech Class On-Line 4 Hrs
Hospital Package you will do the CNA First then PCT 2 AFTER you pass your CNA Exam $449 Package
    Complete the CNA Portion FIRST - Get Certified Next:
1, Watch the 4 hours Pre-Class On line
2. Attend the 4 hour See One - Do One
3. Watch the Hospice & Home Health Care Videos on line
3. Take 12 Hours CEUs On Line - after you pass the C N A Test - These Classes are reported to the Fl Board of Nursing and will give you the required class to renew your 1st year license.
 Medical Assistant - You will do the CNA and PCT 2 Classes First - Next - Pass your State CNA Exam then:  $499 Package

1. Watch the Medical Assistant Video Course on - line. 

2. After you have passed your CNA Test We will set up the 12 CEUS on line and you will receive your MA Class Certification Documentation.


Want to work in a local Hospital???

This is the Package for you....

 Advanced CNA Plus - Hospital PCT - Patient Care Technician  and   Hospital PST - Patient Support Technician

Gold Hospital Advanced CNA Package $449 - Includes:

Hospital CNA Exam Prep / PCT 1&2 / PST Career Skills +Med Tech +HHA and 12 CEUs  -  CNA with Advanced Career Skills

Advanced Hospital Career Skills:Special - $449

CNA +PCT +PST +Med Tech +HHA +12 CEUs

How to hook up the 3, 4,5 Lead EKG,  Pulse Oxi-Meter, Manual Blood pressure, Heart Basics, Sterile Field, Sterile Gloves,  Colostomy Bag, Care of the Stoma, Blood Glucose Machines, Male / Female Catheterization Insertion and Removal

P1159 Medical Errors * Prevention Safety
P1037 A Closer Look at Elder Abuse
P1013 Residents' Rights:
P1012 Domestic Violence In-service-
P1026 HIV and AIDS: An In-service f
P1075 Bloodborne Pathogens:
P1161 Medical Record Doc & Legal
P1187 Age Specific Care
P1049 Basic Clinical Skills
P1040 Basic First Aid (P1040)
P1151 Bowel and Bladder Care
P1148 Care Basics: Bathing
P1104 Care Basics: Fall Prevention
P1139 Care Basics: Range of Motion
P1140 Care Basics: Taking Vital Signs
P1072 Caring for the Caregiver
P1074 Fluid Replacement: Dehydration

12 Hrs of In-Service CEUs  Reported to Fl Board of Nursing

Assistance with Self Admin Meds
+ Bloodborne Pathogens
+ Elder Abuse
+ Alzheimer's Disease  
+ Infection Control
+ Doctors Office - Front Office Skills..
+ Medical Assistant Skills - Back Office


Home Health Care Skills for Licensed CNA's - HHA Video Presenation

HHA 5 Stages of Death
HHA Video Home Health Care  
HHA Video Feeding  Devices
HHA Video Daily Care Plan
HHA Video Shaving a Male Patient
HHA Video Bathroom
HHA Video Market
HHA Video Nutrition
HHA Video House Safety In Home
HHA Video Laundry
HHA Video Hospice Care for CNA's
HHA Video End of Life Care

* Elimination
* Communication
* Rest Comfort & Sleep
* Client Rights * Infection Control
* Legal and Ethical Behavior
* Safety and Emergency
* Member of the Health Care Team.
* Therapeutic/Technical Procedures
* Data Collection and Reportin

12 First Year - CEUS In-Service Courses


In Association with National Health Care Certification  - This class offers the opportunity build and add Career Skills for working in a Doctors Office as an Medical Assistant with you State of Florida CNA License.

Click here for more information

The CNA Exam is is a Government Test... Training Centers do NOT test  you or issues any Certification for CNA.  There is ONLY ONE - State of  Florida Test . The SAME License / Certification State Wide  We will  prepare you for The Demonstration of Clinical Skills and written test.

Our Medical Assistant for Licensed CNA's Includes: Hospital CNA Exam Prep / PCT 1&2 / PST Career Skills +Med Tech +HHA and 12 CEUs   Everything for $499   Click here for more information

Important Notice: All prices are based on a complete package price and do not have a FACE VALUE INDIVIDUALLY. Therefore, we do not give refunds or discounts when parts of the PACKAGE of SERVICES are not required by the buyer.



Class Schedule Here - Reserve your seat 

Payment due on 1st Class Day - All Sales Final - No Refunds

You can ALSO Finance with PayPay over 6 months.

Notice:  We accept Cash or Money Order ONLY at the training center .... Credit Cards are accepted only at the web site below by Paypal. Debit / Credit Card $10.00 Processing Fee is added  Pre-Payment NOT Required  

  • If approved, minimum credit line of at least $250. Approx $50 month  See FAQ for more info APR Rate is 19.99% and the Minimum Interest charge is $2.00.  See terms  If you miss a payment your late fee could be up to $35, even less if it's your first time - Payments Paid Over 6 Months. Period.
  • 2016 CNA
    Student name if Different

    The #1 Choice for CNA / PCT in Tampa Bay !

    TampaBayCNA offers affordable Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training as well as  Advanced Career Skills training for those starting a new career  in the health care field. We specialize in the CNA Exam Preparation for the State of Fl  Board of Nursing Licensed / Certification.

    Notice: This is the OFFICIAL - Training Center - It has been brought to our attention some web sites advertise incorrectly both our prices and/or represent themselves as Tampa Bay CNA.  We have two location only in Tampa on North and South Dale Mabry. No other locations. We have been in Tampa for 14 years. We are a local registered BRAND.

    In Tampa Bay, every student is unique and comes to us with many different levels of preparedness as well as specific obstacles. We care about our students   success and work hard to assist each student with skills evaluation.

    This is NOT A Video Course... This is Hands-On LIVE Instructor Demonstrated Classes!

    We wrote the book on CNA training and continue to work hard to make sure our training material is up to date yearly.   We rarely have someone fail the State of Florida exam. We offer a 14+ Years PROVEN product with thousands of successful students. . We are a community-oriented training center that is committed to make sure every student receives personalized attention.

    This CNA Test Prep "intensive" is a faster pace class designed to  prepare those who wish to quickly learn the CNA Clinical Skills and  Written Test for   the State of Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Certification (CNA) Test.

    We also specialize in training CNA's for working within the hospital environment. is an APPROVED training center for Tampa General Hospital, Florida Hospital and James A. Haley Veterans Hospital. These local hospitals send their employees to our centers for training.



    Ready to go to work?????

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    Our Students are getting hired at local Hospitals Many PURCHASE our Hospital CNA +PCT 1 & 2 + Med Tech + EKG Basics $449
    Many of hospitals will reimburse current employees  for our training program if you have been working for 6 months. Check with your supervision.

    "Tampa Bay CNA"      

    Registered with the State of Florida and is a Trademark under the U.S. Trademark Act Section 2d, 15 U.S.C. 1052(d)

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