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   North Tampa: New Class Mondays at 5 PM-  4 Days - Mo/Tue/Wed/ Thurs   Map    5:30PM to 8:30 PM  
  Brandon / Riverview New Class Mondays  at 5 PM  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu   Map ( Starting July3)  5:30PM to 8:30 PM  

This Class includes BOTH the Certified Nursing Assistant Examination Preparation Course and the Patient Care Technician Course

Six (6) In One Includes CNA Exam Prep Classes - Only $499  (Reg $799)

All CEU Based Classes are approved by Florida Board of Nursing and we automatically report the credit on your behalf. 

To get a job in Hospitals, you must FIRST start with CNA.

This Class Includes the CNA Exam Prep at TampaBayCNA.com.
 State of Florida - Licensed/ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Patient Care Technician - CNA / PCT Only $499  (Reg $799)

What is a Patient Care Technician? PCT's are FIRSTLY a State of Florida Licensed CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is Licensed by the State of Florida Board of Nursing and perform 'Activities of Daily Living' in health care.  The PCT are Licensed CNA which have additional ADVANCED career clinical skills for working in the Hospital

Many training center fail to explain to students that the License CNA is the beginning point for all positions that will allow a professional to touch and assist a patient. Even Medical Assistants and EMT's must pass and be a Licensed CNA to work in a Hospital and touch a patient.

The Licensed / Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is the beginning point for your career in Healthcare. The CNA Examination is given only by the Sate of Florida Board of Nursing, after successfully passing both the CNA clinical skills demonstration examination and passing the written test.  We prepare you for BOTH test. CNA's assist patients and perform 'Activities of Daily Living". CNA's work in: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice, Home Care, Private Duty, Doctors Office and all types of Hospitals as a CNA / PCT. 

Six (6) In One Includes CNA Exam Prep Classes - Only $499  (Reg $799)

To get a job in Hospitals you must FIRST start with CNA
 State of Florida - Licensed/ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

The Hospital 6 in One

1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam Prep
2. Patient Care Technician (PCT)
3. Patient Support Technician (PST)
4. Patient Support Associate (PSA)
5. Home Health AID (HHA)
6. Medication Technician (MT)
7 CEUs (12)- 1st Year Required

Hospital PCT/CNA  The CNA/ PCT position is an extension of the Activities of Daily Living - CNA Fundamentals of Nursing, Theories and Ethics as well as additional Career Skills not covered during the regular CNA Exam Prep Classes.

The Hospital CNA +Patient Care Technician provides a wide variety of indirect and direct care, such as nutrition, hygiene, safety and physical and psychological comfort measures, to patient and significant others, under the supervision of licensed RN. .


Medical Errors * Prevention Safety
A Closer Look at Elder Abuse
Residents' Rights:
Domestic Violence In-service-
HIV and AIDS: An In-service f
Bloodborne Pathogens:
Medical Record Doc & Legal
Bio-Medical Waste Management
Tuberculosis The Basics
Bowel and Bladder Care
Care Basics: Fall Prevention
Care Basics: Range of Motion
Care Basics: Taking Vital Signs
Fluid Replacement: Dehydration

12 Hrs of In-Service CEUs  Reported to Fl Board of Nursing


Learn how to hook up the 3, 4,5 Lead EKG, Pulse Oxi-Meter, Manual Blood pressure, Heart Basics, Sterile Field, Sterile Gloves,  Colostomy Bag, Care of the Stoma, Blood Glucose Machines, Male / Female Catheterization Insertion and Removal

On-Line - Home Health Care Skills for Licensed CNA's

HHA 5 Stages of Death
HHA Video Home Health Care  
HHA Video Feeding  Devices
HHA Video Daily Care Plan
HHA Video Shaving
HHA Video Bathroom
HHA Video Market
HHA Video Nutrition
HHA Video House Safety
HHA Video Laundry
HHA Video Hospice Care
HHA Video End of Life Care

+ Bloodborne Pathogens
+ Elder Abuse
+ Alzheimer's Disease  

+ Infection Control

* Elimination
* Communication
* Rest Comfort & Sleep
* Client Rights * Infection Control
* Legal and Ethical Behavior
* Safety and Emergency
* Member of the Health Care Team.
* Therapeutic/Technical Procedures

* Data Collection and Reporting

The Hospital 6 in One - Patient Care Technician Career Skills.  Learn how to hook up the 3, 4,5 Lead EKG, Male / Female Catheterization Insertion and Removal (required by many hospitals) Pulse Oxi-Meter, Manual Blood pressure, Heart Basics, Sterile Field, Sterile Gloves, Colostomy Bag, Care of the Stoma, Blood Glucose Machines. This class provides a wide variety of additional Career Skills for Licensed CNA working in a Hospital. It includes the CNA Exam Prep as well as 12 Hrs of CEUs that will be reported towards your 1st year additional training requirement by the State of Florida Board of Nursing.

The CNA / PCT working in a hospital works under the supervision of licensed RN. You will FOCUS on passing your CNA Exam FIRST then do the PCT 5 Hour Clinical Skills Workshop and 12 Hrs of CEUs at TampaBayCEUs.com.  -

Package Does not include the State of Florida Board of Nursing CNA Testing Fees of($155)  CNA Examination Preparation class is Presented by TampaBayCNA.com

This BASIC package to become a Licensed CNA / PCT includes ALL SIX (6) over lapping areas of Career Skills including the CNA Examinations Preparations Class. The minimum for working in a Hospital is to FIRST  become a Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant, next you will add additional Career Skills that are job specific for working in local Hospital.

No need to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a very long PCT program.  Many people do not realize that the CNA License grated only by the State of Florida Board of Nursing upon passing both the demonstration of CNA Clinical Skills and passing a written test, is the KEY foundation for working in a community Hospital.  At the Hospital level, this is the minimum for being qualified to apply for a position as PCT or CNA / PCT at local Hospitals.

 NOTICE: "Professional Development Career Skills" and "Certification"  Workshops for Hospital Staff does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit

Skill 1 -  Hand Washing
Skill 2 - Enter Room Procedure
Skill 3 - Exit Room Procedure
Skill 4 - Change Position in Bed 
Skill 5 - Brushing Teeth
Skill 6 - Denture & Oral Care
Skill 7 - Transfer To Wheelchair
Skill 8 - Bed Making
Skill 9 - Upper Range of Motion
Skill 10 - Lower Range of Motion
Skill 11 - Bed Pan Placement

Opening & Closing Procedures
Bed Move in 3 Sections
Place a Bed Matt On Bed
Bed Bath Blanket
Bed Pan On the Patient
Roll Patient From Side to Side
Clean Equipment & Room
How to make a mitt

Written Test: - 50 Vocabulary words   3 Sample Test & Audio Files

Skill 12 - Upper Bed Bath
Skill 13 - Measure Urine
Skill 14 - Cather Cleaning
Skill 15 - Perinea Care
Skill 16 - Hair and Nails
Skill 17 - Feeding
Skill 18 - Pulse & respiration
Skill 19 - Blood Pressure
Skill 20 - Height & Weight
Skill 21 - Foot Care
Skill 22 - Ambulation

CNA Fundamentals - Basic Patient Care Included
Elderly Abuse
Dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease
Personal Protective Equip
Ethics, HIPAA,
Infection Control  Communication
Blood Spills - Included
HIV-AIDS What is it?
Postmortem Care
Body Mechanics
Blood Borne Pathogen

Other Course Titles Included - These are taken On-Line after the Hands On Training.

When the student successfully completes both the workshop and on line classes the student will take the PCT exam administered by National HealthCare Certification. 

Upon successful passing of the test at 80% the student will receive A Patient Care Technicians Certification by NHCC.
There is not a State of Florida Board of Nursing Certification Examination required for Patient Care Technicians.

Introduction to Infection Control REL-SC-0-IC-AIIC
Assist with Self-Admin of Meds in ALFs, FLREL-C2L-P1130
Biomedical Waste Management Training REL-C2L-P1212
Bloodborne Pathogens REL-ALL-0-BBPATH
Domestic Violence 2 Hour FL Required Training REL-SRC-0-DV2FRT

How to Take a Blood Pressure REL-C2L-USS-38800
Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects
Observation, Reporting, and Documentation REL-C2L-P1178
Tuberculosis: The Basics REL-ALL-0-TUBTB
Urinary Incontinence, Indwelling Catheters, Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections

 How to use a Oxi-Meter SPO2 Basic Heart Learn How to Create a Sterile Field of Activity  Learn HOW TO Insert
Balloon Catheter
Learn HOW to hook up the  EKG Monitor 3,4, 5 and 10 Leads ECG How to Check Blood Glucose Learn how to use an Electronic Tempter  

Colostomy Care



The healthcare industry is undergoing major shifts in the manner in which healthcare care is provided and what career skills are required to be hired for specific positions.

This restructuring of job titles has resulted in the introduction of  several new categories of healthcare workers in addition to being a Licensed CNA, LPN, RN, NP or PA.

PCT - Patient Care Technician    and    PST - Patient Support Technician

This  "Professional Development Skills Workshops for Hospital State not confer a diploma, degree or college credit

Certification of skills documentation and Continuing education units (CEU) documentation will be awarded upon successfully completion of both the Gold Hospital and other Certification Programs. Continuing education units (CEU) are used to evaluate and measure participation in continuing education and learning activities.

Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to: 1. Satisfy employer documentation  2. Document Certification requirements 3. Document specific job-related skills CEU's are reported to CE Broker and applied to the State of Florida CNA license renewal. CEUs do not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

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