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Phlebotomy Basics Workshop

Career Skills  SPECIAL $299.99

Includes:  Phlebotomy /12 CEUS

 (CNA License is Mandatory for ALL ADVANCED Career Skills Course )


NOTICE:   This class is offered for those who purchase CNA / PCT at TampaBayCNA.com This is NOT offered to the GENERAL PUBLIC as a STAND ALONE COURSE.    

(CNA License is Mandatory for Career Skills Course)


Must be a License CNA to Attend this class.

Class Out-Line - 24 Hours 


Part 1 - Online VIDEO Course of Basics 4 Hrs

Part 2 - Phlebotomy Clinical Skills Workshop - Part 1  - 4 Hr Class

Part 3 - Venipuncture Basics - Clinical Skill Workshop - Part 2  - 4 Hour Class TampaBayCEUs.com

Part 4 - 12 Hourse of CEUs online - Reported to Florida Board of Nursing

We do NOT do LIVE BLOOD DRAWS... ALL BLOOD DRAWS Will be performed on a Nursing Arm with FAKE BLOOD.

Understanding Customer Service
Infection Control Basics (1062)
HIV and AIDS: Health Care Workers (P1026)
Bloodborne Pathogens: OSHA Standard (P1075)
Biomedical Waste Management Training (P1212)
* Respiratory Disorders
* Musculoskeletal System
* Integumentary System
* Mental Status Deficits
* Dehydration

Heparin / Warfin
Order of Draw
Tubes Colors
Anticoagulatns and Antiglycolytic
Needle Selection
Disinfectants and Antiseptics

Medical Record Doc and Legal Aspects
Abuse of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Observation, Reporting, and Documentation
Sharps: Needle-stick Injury Prevention and Response
Assist with Self-Admin of Meds in ALFs, FL
Medical Error Prevention and Safety for CNAs
Orientation: The Work of Safety
Tort Law Basics for the Medical Assistant
Heparin / Wafarin / Asprin
Order of Draw
Tubes Colors
Anticoagulatns and Antiglycolytic
Needle Selection
Disinfectants and Antiseptics

Part 4 - During this class you will be practicing on the Nursing Arms with FAKE BLOOD using the internal veins on the arms.  WE DO NOT DO LIVE BLOOD DRAWS during this class.   You will need to do your Supervised Live Blood Draws - at the HOSPITAL or WORKPLACE when you get your job.

Tampa Bay CNA provides private training offering Examination Preparation Classes, Advanced CNA Career Skills, Certification Classes and CEU's based courses.

This  "Professional Development Skills Workshops for Licensed CNA's" is taken AFTER you pass your State of Florida Board of Nursing Test and does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit

“Examination preparation course” means a course or program that does not offer to confer a degree, diploma or college credit.
ALL Certification of Skills Classes and /or Professional Development Skills Workshops and/or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the State of Florida from ANY training center does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit. This includes ALL Advanced Career Skills classes, PCT, Nurse Tech, Acute Care Tech and Medical Assistant Classes

Certification of skills documentation and Continuing education units (CEU) documentation will be awarded upon successfully completion of both the Gold Hospital and other Certification Programs. Continuing education units (CEU) are used to evaluate and measure participation in continuing education and learning activities.

Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to: 1. Satisfy employer documentation  2. Document Certification requirements 3. Document specific job-related skills CEU's are reported to CE Broker and applied to the State of Florida CNA license renewal. CEUs do not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.  Tampa Bay CNA - Fl Dept of Education #4259