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85% of our Students Work in Local Hospitals

Want to work in a Hospital???? 

We are one of few training centers who offer:

Hospital Patient Care Technician and Advanced CNA - CNA / PCT


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Payment due by 1st Class day of class.

We have the BEST PASSING RATE in Tampa Bay - Our Program WORKS.

35 Students just PASSED the STATE exam over the past 5 weeks. 



FIRST: Pay for your Class Below or for cash students just stop by office on Mon/Tue/Wed 8:30 AM to Noon to pay cash or in person.  SEE SCHEDULE. (BELOW)

#2 You will FIRST receive the online CNA Skills - AFTER PAYMENT - we will email you a Iink to REVIEW The clinical skills online - Day1, Day2,   Day3 skills - REVIEW the clinical skills prior to the hands on workshop.

CNA PART 3:  Attend the 3 Days Hands On Clinical Skills - New Class every Monday.  

PART #4: REGISTER FOR TEST:  And continue to Watch and STUDY the CNA Clinical Skills at home. Also watch the 18 Hot Topics - Online which helps with the Written Test Samples Online 

Part #5 & 6:  BONUS #1 & 2:  After you pass the test, we will set up Medication Technician Online 6 Hrs CEUs and HIV/Aids for HealthCare Providers 4 Hrs CEUs Online.

CNA & PCT's  Students - Attend Part #1 and Part #2 - attend 1 additional Advanced Hospital Clinical Skills workshop and watch a 4 hour online PCT Class.

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Note: the $50 Seat Deposit is for the PRIVATE Your Time Schedule Training.

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Package #1 - $279.99 Everything CNA +BONUSES

Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Prep
CLIFF Notes Study
3 Sample Written Test with AUDIO
18 Hot Healthcare Topics (4 hrs)
Video Class Online
Medication Technician
Resident Care Aide
Home Health Care for CNA's

3 Days Hands on Clinical Skills

(May repeat for free)




Package #1 - $279.99

 Everything CNA +BONUSES

OR -Bank ZELLE 813-997-6773



Package #1 & #2 - Want to work in a Hospital?

Hospital Patient Care Technician and CNA Exam Prep

Adv Hospital PCT Skills
Includes Package #1 PLUS Hospital PCT Advanced Clinical Skills-Resident Rights
* Manual Blood Pressure
* M/F Balloon Catheterization
* Sterile Field,
* Sterile Gloves,
* Ostomy care - Colostomy Bag
* Care of the Stoma,
* Blood Glucose Machines,
* M/F Balloon Catheterization
* Male / Female Catheterization
* Cath Insertion / Removal
* EKG Basics

CEUs- Continuing Education Unites.

6 Hr - Medication Technician

4 Hr - HIV/AIDS for HC Providers

-Domestic Violence
-Medical Error Prevention and Safety
-Blood borne Pathogens, Infection Control
-Communication Cognitively Impaired
 Administration of Medications)
-Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects Appropriate to CNA



OR -Bank ZELLE 813-997-6773

Hospital Patient Care Technician PCT




$50.00 Seat Deposit

Private "Your Time" Class



We ALLOW our students to REPEAT the 3 DAYS Hands On Clinical Skills Class for (FREE) if needed. We work HARD to assist our students in PASSING the FIRST TIME!

New CNA Class Starts Every Monday!
July 15,16,17 - Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
CLOSED Thu July 18 to Monday July 22nd - Vacation
July 23,24,25 - Tue/Wed/Thu - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
July 29,30,31 - Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Aug 05,06,07 - Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Aug 12,13,14 - Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Aug 19,20,21 - Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Aug 26,27,28 - Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Sept 02,03,04- Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM
2 Day - FAST TRACK Thu & Fri 8 AM to 11:30 AM
July 28 & 29 Thu & Fri 8: AM to 11:30 AM
Aug   8  & 9  Thu & Fri 8: AM to 11:30 AM
Aug 22 & 23 Thu & Fri 8: AM to 11:30 AM
Sept  5 &  6  Thu & Fri 8: AM to 11:30 AM
Sept 19 & 20 Thu & Fri 8: AM to 11:30 AM
Advanced Hospital Patient Care Technician Class
PCT Thursday August 1st - 8:15AM to 11:30AM
PCT Thursday August 15th - 8:15AM to 11:30AM
PCT Thursday August 29th - 8:15AM to 11:30AM

Florida CNA Clinical Skills List

Infection Control
Bed Safety
Personal Protection Equipment

Skill 1 - Hand Washing
Skill 2 - Opening // Exit Room
Skill 3 - Change Position
Skill 4 - Pulse
S‎kill 5 - Respirations
Skill 6 - Shoulder ROM
Skill 7 - Elbow Wrist ROM
Skill 8 - Hip Knee Ankle ROM
Skill 9 - Hand and Nails
Skill 10 - Foot Care
Skill 11 - Brushing Teeth
Skill 12 - Denture & Oral
Skill 13 - Catheter Care
Skill 14 - Perinea Care
Skill 15 - Bed Pan Care
Skill 16 - Make an Occupied Bed
Skill 17 - Feeding a Snack
Skill 18 - Ambulation - Transfer Belt
Skill 19 - Wheelchair - Transfer Belt
Skill 20 - Upper Bed Bath
Skill 21 - Measure Urine Output
Skill 22 - Dressing a Patient - Weak Side
Hand Washing - Review
Hosp Gown on Weak Right/Left Side.
Pillow Supporting the Neck
Knees Bent / Ankle on top
Roll Patient Side to Side
Pillow Case/ Bed Move in 3 Sections
Wash 4 Corner & Make a Mitt /Twist Mitt
Bed Pan On the Patient
How to make a mitt
Place a Bed Matt On Bed
Bed Bath Blanket


BONUS #1  - Included - Everyone Included - Everyone

1. Good Body Mech
2. Ethics
3. Elder Abuse
4. Alzheimer's & Dementia
5. Hepatitis Basics
6. Personal Protection Equip
7. Patient Observation 1,2,3
8. OSHA Blood Spills
10. C-Diff MRSA
11. Mechanical Lifts
12. Blood Pressure
13. 5 Stages of Death
14. Biomedical Waste
15. Choking
16. PASS Fire Extinguisher
17. Domestic Violence
18. HHA Basics and Doc

BONUS #2  - Included - Everyone Included - Everyone  Online-Clinical Skills Video Review After Attending the Hands-On Clinical Skills Class. You will continue to study and review the Clinical Skills at home as you have time prior to testing. Open 24/7

BONUS #3 - Included - Everyone   Home Health Care BASICS for Licensed CNA's  On-Line - Home Health Care Skills for Licensed CNA's - Documented  with CNA License Number.


HHA 5 Stages of Death
HHA Home Health Care  
HHA Feeding  Devices
HHA Daily Care Plan

HHA Shaving
HHA Bathroom
HHA Market
HHA Nutrition
HHA House Safety
HHA Laundry
HHA Hospice Care
HHA End of Life Care


BONUS #4 - Included - Everyone  After you pass the test, we will set up Medication Technician Online 6 Hrs CEUs and HIV/Aids for HealthCare Providers 4 Hrs CEUs Online.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)  
Hospital Patient Care Technician (PCT)
Hospital Oncology Technician (OT)

CNA students:  TampaBayCNA.com, LLC   has been teaching this class and helping students pass the FIRST time for the past 20+ years.

This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know to pass the State of Florida Board of Nursing CNA exam. Our Programs is an ACCELERATED Course and INCLUDES: BOTH Hands-On CNA Clinical Skills BASICS practiced at our trading center LIVE. PLUS: the 18 HOT TOPICS 4.5 hrs online. 

You can also continue to VIEW the FULL CLASS in video format at home on your computer.  Continue to STUDY  and REVIEW until you test. Open 24/7.

Where do CNA's Work?   CNA's work in Doctors Office, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Long/or/Short Term Rehabilitation Center, Hospice and Private Duty Home Health Care.  In addition, with the Advanced Patient Care Technician Clinical Skills you can work in local Hospitals.

Want to Work In a Hospital? Become both, a CNA and PCT - Patient Care Technician!  GET READY for working in a hospital on day one with this class.

To work in the local hospitals, you must also become a PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN - PCT. The PCT replaced the LPN's  in the local hospitals. A PCT is both, a License CNA and they have attended the ADVANCED HOSPITAL CLINICAL Skills Workshop for Hospitals CNA / PCT / OT/ NT workers.

This class provides a variety of additional Career Skills for Licensed CNA /PCT working in a Hospital. It includes the CNA Exam Prep as well as CEUs that will be reported towards your 1st year additional training requirement by the State of Florida Board of Nursing.

We wrote the books! By: Arianna Christiano Lewis

Owner and Director of Training


Florida Clinical Skills

Activities of Daily  Living (ADLs)

Included for ALL CNA and PCT Students

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Want to work in a Hospital?

CNA PLUS PCT - Patient Care Tech

6 In One Package Includes:

BOTH CNA & Hospital PCT Skills
Patient Care Technician
3 Days CNA +1 Day PCT +Online
The Hospital 6 in One
Six Job Titles Requiring the SAME

Advanced Hospital Clinical Skills.


1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
2. Patient Care Technician (PCT)
3. Patient Support Technician (PST)
4. Patient Support Associate (PSA)
5. Home Health AID for License CNA's (HHA)
6. Oncology Technician (OT

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Want to work in a Hospital?

We SPECIALIZE in the HOSPITAL CNA / PCT Nursing Career Students!

Patient Care Technician - CNA / PCT

What is a Patient Care Technician? PCT's are are both a Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is Licensed by the State of Florida Board of Nursing and perform 'Activities of Daily Living' in health care.  The PCT have additional ADVANCED career clinical skills for working in the Hospital. They MUST HAVE A CNA LICESE as well as the advanced career skills.

Many training center fail to explain to students that the License CNA is the beginning point for all positions that will allow a professional to touch and assist a patient. Even Medical Assistants and EMT's must pass and be a Licensed CNA to work in a Hospital and touch a patient.

The Licensed / Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is the beginning point for your career in Healthcare. The CNA Examination is given only by the Sate of Florida Board of Nursing,after successfully passing both the CNA clinical skills demonstration examination and passing the written test.  We prepare you for BOTH test. CNA's assist patients and perform 'Activities of Daily Living". CNA's work in: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice, Home Care, Private Duty, Doctors Office and all types of Hospitals as a CNA / PCT. 

We are an approved USA - Federal Government  CNA Training Provider for VA Hospitals  All Contract Awards ! Government's System for Award Management (SAM)  TampabayCNA.com LLC  Code: 7NB52 Active