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Certified Nursing Assistant 

Accelerated CNA Examination Preparation Classes

All classes Include Hands-On Clinical Skills PLUS Online Video CNA Clinical Skills REVIEW

BEST and LOWEST PRICES in Tampa Bay!

CNA Exam Preparation   //  Accelerated Course

Includes MED TECH   ///  +18 Hot Topics   /// +On-Line Clinical Skills

Get READY for the State of Florida Board of Nursing Certified Nursing Assistant test

TampaBayCNA.com has been teaching this class for 20+ years.

This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know to pass the

State of Florida Board of Nursing CNA exam preparation.


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CNA Video Information     /////   PCT Video Information

We SPECIALIZE  in the Hospital CNA / PCT/ NT

Looking for a career change?

Want to work in a Hospital?

TampaBayCNA.com is the #1 Choice for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - Patient Care Technician (PCT) - Nurse Technician (NT) and Oncology Technician (OT)!

GET READY for working in a hospital on day one with this class.

To work in the local hospitals, you must also become a PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN.  The PCT replaced the LPN's in the local hospitals.  A PCT is both, a License CNA and they have attended the ADVANCED HOSPITAL CLINICAL Skills Workshop for Hospitals CNA / PCT / NT workers. 

PCT Class is offered every other Friday with a PRE 4 hr video class then the ADVANCED hands on PCT Clinical Skills Workshop.   PCT is NOT CNA alone - it includes an additional PCT Class of ADVANCED Clinical Skills to work in a hospital.

90% of our students work in hospitals.

February 26,27,28 Mon/Tue/Wed 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM +Video CLASS ONLINE +MT
March 4,5,6 Mon/Tue/Wed 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM +Video CLASS ONLINE +MT
March 11,12,13 Mon/Tue/Wed 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM +Video CLASS ONLINE +MT
March 18,19,20 Mon/Tue/Wed 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM +Video CLASS ONLINE +MT
March 15,2627 Mon/Tue/Wed 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM +Video CLASS ONLINE +MT

PCT Class - Thurs March 7th - 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM -Hospital Clinical Skills
PCT Class - Thurs March 21st - 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM -Hospital Clinical Skills

We are open on Spring Break Week

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 CNA Class with Bonuses $279.99

Hospital CNA / PCT with Bonuses $479.99

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We wrote the BOOK!  Florida CNA Training Manual....


How does this program work?

BOTH: Hands-On Clinical Skills and

ONLINE Videos Clinical Skills Open 24/7 to continue to study at home.

 CNA Class with Bonuses $279.99

Hospital CNA / PCT with Bonuses $479.99


BONUS #1 "CNA Book - PLUS -CNA Clinical Skills Secrets" Cliff Notes CRAM Sheet
18 Hot HealthCare Topics for new students to healthcare.
The complete CNA class Online in VIDEO FORMAT to study at home,
BONUS #4: 
HHA - MED TECH - Assisting with Medications (AFTER PASSING TEST)

Accelerated CNA Examination Preparation Classes

Part 1 - Attend the Hands-On Clinical skills training at our training center.
Mon/ Tue/ Wed for one week 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM.  During this class you will be practicing the clinical skills with other students.

Part 2 - After the hands-on clinical skills class. all students will receive a complete online video classroom to review, study and practice also at home. Study the 3 sample practice written test at home and the 50 vocabulary words.

Part 3 - ASAP - Register for your State of Florida Board of Nursing test at the Prometric.com web site Cost is $155.  ALSO: If required, you will then have  the LIVE SCAN of your fingerprints and the background level 2 check.(NOTE: If an employer did this, you would not need ot redo unless longer than 5 years.)

Part 4  - PCT STUDENTS - If you purchased the Advanced Hospital PCT / CNA Package:
1.    Watch pre-class video
2.    Attend the 5 hr Clinical Skills Workshop
3.    Complete 12 hrs of CEUS - AFTER Licensed.

PASS THE TEST - After you pass - If purchased we will set up Med Tech and Hospital CEUS.  Requires CNA License Number.


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Florida Clinical Skills - Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

On your Florida testing date, students will physically DEMONSTRATE 3 chosen clinical skills from the LIST below.  The Skills are called Activities of Daily Living. These skills are 4 to 7 minutes long each.  They are formally demonstrated with an opening and closings procedure and hand washing.

What are Activities of Daily Living (ADL)?

Activities of daily living are activities related to personal care. They include bathing or showering, dressing, getting in and out of bed or a chair, wheel chair, walking, using the toilet, and eating.

More EXAMPLES of the activities of daily living include assisting with bathing, brushing hair, brushing teeth, denture care, oral care, dressing oneself, feeding oneself, and walking independently from one area to another.

The CNA CLINICAL SKILLS  are practiced at our training center with our instructors. Students will practice and learn step by step the CNA Clinical Skill elements to PASS the State of Florida CNA test.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

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Clinical Skills Hands-On Class +Online Video Class
+ 18 Hot Topics and Med Tech After you PASS
Mon/Tue/Wed - 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM

Infection Control
Bed Safety
Personal Protection Equipment
Skill 1 - Hand Washing
Skill 2 - Opening // Exit Room
Skill 3 - Change Position
Skill 4 - Pulse
S‎kill 5 - Respirations
Skill 6 - Shoulder ROM
Skill 7 - Elbow Wrist ROM
Skill 8 - Hip Knee Ankle ROM
Skill 9 - Hand and Nails
Skill 10 - Foot Care
Skill 11 - Brushing Teeth
Skill 12 - Denture & Oral
Skill 13 - Catheter Care
Skill 14 - Perinea Care
Skill 15 - Bed Pan Care

Skill 16 - Make an Occupied Bed
Skill 17 - Feeding a Snack
Skill 18 - Ambulation - Transfer Belt
Skill 19 - Wheelchair - Transfer Belt
Skill 20 - Upper Bed Bath
Skill 21 - Measure Urine Output
Skill 22 - Dressing a Patient - Weak Side
Hand Washing  - Review
Bed Move in 3 Sections
Pillow Supporting the Neck
Knees Bent / Ankle on top
Roll Patient Side to Side
Change Pillow Case
Wash Cloth 4 Corner & Make a Mitt /Twist Mitt
Bed Pan On the Patient
How to make a mitt
Place a Bed Matt On Bed
Bed Bath Blanket

Standard Basics 101 - Included in ALL Packages!  Hands On at Our Training Center.

Opening & Closing
Personal Protection Equip.
Infection Control
Bed Safety
Bed Move in 3 Sections
Bed Pan On the Patient
Roll Patient Side / Side
Pillow Suppor Neck
Clean Equipment /Room
How to make a mitt
Place a Bed Matt On Bed
Bed Bath Blanket

 Regular $299.99

Pay in Full CNA SALE $279.99

18 Hot Topics for CNA Foundations -  Included in ALL Packages (Online Video Class)

1 - OSHA BB Pathogens
2 - HIV-AIDS - What is it?
3 - Alzheimer's
4 - Bio Medical Waste
5 - What is HIPA? Soc Media
6 - Patient Observations
7 - Respiratory Disorders
8 - Integumentary System
9 - Musculoskeletal System
10 - Urinary Issues
11 - Domestic Violence
12 - Good Body Mechanics
13.- Elder Abuse
14.- Ethics
15.- 5 Stages of Death
16.- Epi Pen / Choking
17.- Nose Bleeds

18.  Elder Abuse

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Want to Work In a Hospital?


Hospital PCT Skills

***SPECIAL $479.99***

** BIG SALE** REG $549.99

The Advance Hospital Patient Care Tech  

To work in hospital, you need both CNA Clinical Skills and the ADVANCED PCT Clinical Skills!

Two different sets of clinical skills!

Regular $549.99 SALE BOTH
PREPAY  -OR- You may also just pay on your 1st Class Day.  

Pay in Full CNA / PCT SALE $479.99

Reserve a Class Seat - SCHEDULE   HERE

BANK - Zelle Transfer- to Phone: 813-997-6773

PCT Class is offered every other Thursday with a PRE 4 hr video class at home then the hands on PCT Clinical Skills Workshop.   PCT is NOT CNA alone. PCT is both CNA and PCT - PCT is ADVANCED Clinical Skills to work in a hospital.













We SPECIALIZE in the Hospital Patient Care Technician / Nurse Tech

To work in the local Hospitals - YOU will need BOTH - CNA and the Advanced Hospitals PCT Clinical Skills! 

BONUS: Med Tech --- Included with this class.


 WE WROTE THE Florida CNA Clinical Skills Book!

BONUS #1:"CNA Book - PLUS -CNA Clinical Skills Secrets" Cliff Notes CRAM Sheet
BONUS #2: 18 Hot HealthCare Topics for new students to healthcare.

BONUS #3:  MED TECH - Assisting with Medications
BONUS #4: Online-Clinical Skills Video Review After Attending the 3 Days Hands-On
Clinical Skills Class at our training center PLUS-FREE-Online Video Based - On-Demand - class Open 24/7 - You will continue to study and review the Clinical Skills at home as you have time prior to testing.

NOTICE:  BONUS Elements do not have any DOLLAR CASH VALUE and are not sold separately.  You will NOT BE REFUNDED for any unused element of our total packaged price.  Thank you.

Patient Care Technician - CNA / PCT

What is a Patient Care Technician? PCT's are FIRSTLY a State of Florida Licensed CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is Licensed by the State of Florida Board of Nursing and perform 'Activities of Daily Living' in health care.  The PCT are Licensed CNA which have additional ADVANCED career clinical skills for working in the Hospital

Many training center fail to explain to students that the License CNA is the beginning point for all positions that will allow a professional to touch and assist a patient. Even Medical Assistants and EMT's must pass and be a Licensed CNA to work in a Hospital and touch a patient.

The Licensed / Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is the beginning point for your career in Healthcare. The CNA Examination is given only by the Sate of Florida Board of Nursing, after successfully passing both the CNA clinical skills demonstration examination and passing the written test.  We prepare you for BOTH test. CNA's assist patients and perform 'Activities of Daily Living". CNA's work in: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice, Home Care, Private Duty, Doctors Office and all types of Hospitals as a CNA / PCT. 

The Hospital 6 in One

1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Prep
2. Patient Care Technician (PCT)
3. Patient Support Technician (PST)
4. Patient Support Associate (PSA)
5. Home Health AID (HHA)
6. Medication Technician (MT)
7 CEUs (24)- 1st Year Required

Hospital PCT/CNA  The CNA/ PCT position is an extension of the Activities of Daily Living - CNA Fundamentals of Nursing, Theories and Ethics as well as additional Career Skills not covered during the regular CNA Exam Prep Classes.

Medical Errors * Prevention Safety
A Closer Look at Elder Abuse
Residents' Rights:
Domestic Violence In-service-
HIV and AIDS: An In-service f
Bloodborne Pathogens:

Bowel and Bladder Care
Care Basics: Fall Prevention
Care Basics: Range of Motion
Care Basics: Taking Vital Signs
Fluid Replacement: Dehydration

12 Hrs of In-Service CEUs  Reported to Fl Board of Nursing

Learn the 3, 4,5 Lead EKG, Pulse Oxi-Meter, Manual Blood pressure, Heart Basics, Sterile Field, Sterile Gloves,  Colostomy Bag, Care of the Stoma, Blood Glucose Machines, Male / Female Catheterization Insertion and Removal

On-Line - Home Health Care Skills for Licensed CNA's

HHA 5 Stages of Death
HHA Home Health Care  
HHA Feeding  Devices
HHA Daily Care Plan
HHA Shaving
HHA Bathroom
HHA Market
HHA Nutrition
HHA House Safety
HHA Laundry
HHA Hospice Care
HHA End of Life Care

 Medical Record Doc & Legal
Bio-Medical Waste Management
Tuberculosis The Basics

+ Bloodborne Pathogens
+ Elder Abuse
+ Alzheimer's Disease  

+ Infection Control

* Elimination
* Communication
* Rest Comfort & Sleep
* Client Rights * Infection Control
* Legal and Ethical Behavior
* Safety and Emergency
* Member of the Health Care Team.
* Therapeutic/Technical Procedures

* Data Collection and Reporting

The Hospital 6 in One - Patient Care Technician Career Skills.  Learn how to hook up the 3, 4,5 Lead EKG, Male / Female Catheterization Insertion and Removal (required by many hospitals) Pulse Oxi-Meter, Manual Blood pressure, Heart Basics, Sterile Field, Sterile Gloves, Colostomy Bag, Care of the Stoma, Blood Glucose Machines.

 The CNA / PCT working in a hospital works under the supervision of licensed RN. You will FOCUS on passing your CNA Exam FIRST then do the PCT 5 Hour Clinical Skills Workshop and 24 Hrs of CEUs at TampaBayCEUs.com. 

 This BASIC package to become a Licensed CNA / PCT includes ALL SIX (6) over lapping areas of Career Skills including the CNA Examinations Preparations Class. The minimum for working in a Hospital is to FIRST  become a Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant, next you will add additional Career Skills that are job specific for working in local Hospital.

This class provides a variety of additional Career Skills for Licensed CNA working in a Hospital. It includes the CNA Exam Prep as well as 24 Hrs of CEUs that will be reported towards your 1st year additional training requirement by the State of Florida Board of Nursing.

No need to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a very long PCT program.  Many people do not realize that the CNA License grated only by the State of Florida Board of Nursing upon passing both the demonstration of CNA Clinical Skills and passing a written test, is the KEY foundation for working in a community Hospital.  At the Hospital level, this is the minimum for being qualified to apply for a position as PCT or CNA / PCT at local Hospitals.


Click Here to READ our PAST Student Comments!


                                          Learn 30 Items you MUST Know to PASS the Florida CNA Clinical Skills

Hand Washing and What can potentially cause FAILURE of the test.
· Learn Formal Opening & Closing - Perform Skills/ Clean Up Procedures
· Learn HOW TO Move Patient in 3 Sections toward you.
· Learn How to Roll Patient on side. And 2 Questions you must ask to pass.
· Learn HOW TO Tuck pillow under neck and WHICH SKILLS it is MANDATORY
· Learn HOW to put a Bed Matt On- Off and How to Replace
· Learn WHEN to use the Bed Bath Blanket During Skills
· Learn HOW to Make a Washcloth 4 Corner
· Learn WHAT does ADL Stand for – And What Skills are ADL
· Learn WHAT does PPE Stand For – And Which Skills are mandatory to use them.
· Learn HOW to PROMOTE Resident’s Safety during care
· Learn WHAT are Standard Precautions in Health Care.
· Learn the 2 MOST IMPORTANT items for Infection Control during your State Test
· Learn what you must do when using a WASH BASIN or you will fail the test.
· Learn the correct PROCEDURE to CLEAN all dirty equipment.
· Learn where to put all dirty water during the test.
· Learn the 2 most FAILED Bed Safety Issues.
· Learn WHERE to place the pillow on change bed position
· Learn 3 things YOU MUST DO – when leaving a patient on their side.
· Learn HOW TO Correct a mistake during your state test.
· Learn HOW and Where TO RECORD information during the state test.
· Learn HOW TO CLEAN UP the room at the end of each skill
· Learn the 5 ITEMS that are important parts of COMMUNICATION.
· Learn where NOT to LEAVE the Call light or your will fail the test.
· Learn the difference between Hospitals CNAs and Nursing Home CNA’s.
· Learn How to SPEAK to your patient and give information.
· Learn MUST DO item if a patient is “Sitting in a chair” before and after you do a skill.
· What 2 things that will IMMEDIATE cause a test failure when using a Wheelchair.
· Learn what you MUST DO in order to remove a patient from the bed or fail the test
· Learn where the Transfer Belt must be position or you can fail the state test.



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TampaBayCNA.com LLC  // TampaBayPCT.com

Arianna Lewis, Owner - TampaBayCNA LLC

The State of Florida Board of Nursing Examination

A 3 to 4 month course is NOT required to take the State of Florida Test. Only if you have tested and FAILED 3 times is the longer program required. If under 18,  A high school diploma or its equivalent is required, or if over 18 years of age high school diploma not required.

Applicants to become a Certified Nursing Assistant by Examination must successfully pass the required background screening and meet one of the following requirements:

Has a high school diploma, or its equivalent; or Is at least 18 years of age.



John Cameron I took this class in December over the holidays. The only 3 people who passed that day were all from Tampa Bay CNA. The person I tested with was not taught the opening procedure, she failed. They really do have a good program.

JJessica Alix After looking at a few programs, the TampaBayCNA was by far the best choice I could have made. The instructors are both extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and certainly prepare you for the CNA exam.

Shannon Brumwell Arianna and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and approachable, with lots of extra information and assistance to help you prepare and pass the state licensing test. Economical prices, accelerated class work, and labs to quickly attain …

Paul Holguin Tampa Bay CNA is the best place to go if you're looking to get certified. They gave me all of the information I needed and even worked with me on extending my account so that I had more than enough time to make sure I would pass. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful so I will definitely be recommending to others.

muluadam mesfin Tampa Bay CNA is the best school to attend, the instructor, the staff and Arianna are very helpful and professional. The school makes sure you pass your state exam by teaching you the right stuff the first time.

Siddharth Kamath Amazing experience! Helped our daughter with all the material she needed for the test. Highly recommended!

Alexis rieger Overall great experience with Arianna and her training facility. She is very thorough and gets right to the point. I highly recommend taking her CNA course. She also offers great package deals as well. I am currently taking the class and am very happy I decided to take this course.

Miss Cruz305 I PASSED BOTH CLINICAL & WRITTEN CNA EXAM THANKS TO MS. ARRIANNA TRAINING. I found out about the package deal online which was very informative. My overall experience was great. Also, miss Arianna was able to answer every question I had available to her So I definitely referred people to take her
training course.

Katherine Bryan Passed my cna first time! Pct class was amazing to learn a lot of things and hands-on!! She’s very nice and very patient!! Thank you

Jennifer Bell I took the CNA / PCT course and drove up from Miami. Miami does not have this type of program. The courses in Miami are very expensive. I took the test in Miami and passed. I was just hired at the hospital. It was well worth the travel to time Tampa to do this class.

Geneva Wilburn Arianna is a great teacher. She takes her time and explains everything you need to know for the CNAs test . After taking Arianna’s class, I pass the CNA
TEST THE FIRST TIME. TampaBayCNA is great place.

Hazel Willis This program is the best, it will teach you everything to take the state test. Josh was my instructor and made it easy to learn the skills.

Helen Bell I took this class in November and passed in January. The online class allowed me to study later at night when the kids were in bed. I was the only who passed all day. I tested last. I would recommend this program

Joe Duncan I recommend this course. I passed my test. Thank you.

Leslie Ramirez Tampabay CNA is a great facility. I passed the written and clinical test on my first try. They offer you great package deals and they’re great at answering all
the questions you have. I am from Naples and this course is super expensive, so I’m super grateful to have heard about Tampabay CNA. I definitely recommend!!!
Corey Chappell I recommend Tampa Bay C N A classes for your Certified Nurse Assistance course. The hands-on class and online videos helped me a lot. The RN at the
test asked me where I had taken my class. She said I did a very good job on my skills. I recommend them to everyone.

Megan M I took my CANA class in November at the Tampa Center and just passed my test today, the first time! I want to tell everyone they will teach you the skills right to pass. Many people failed the test. My instructor was Josh, he was an exceptional instructor! Thank you!

Steve Braggs I passed the first time. I purchased the C N A and Advanced Hospital PCT course in December. Just passed 2 weeks ago, and was offered a new job this week. I am so happy I choose Tampa Bay CNA. I recommend their training class.

Louis Simon I just wanted to tell everyone that Tampa Bay CNA has the best CNA program. I took my test and passed the first time. The RN at the test, ask me where I had trained, and commented that I had a perfect score. I was very happy and I highly recommend Tampa Bay CNA.

Izzy Huezo I took my class here for CNA. I learned a lot about the clinical portion of CNA work. My instructor was strict and told us what we needed to know when caring for a patient.

John Morelli I had a great experience at Tampa Bay CNA! The people are the greatest I've ever dealt with. The instructors are AMAZING!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Russell Giannone Thanks to Adrianna I was able to pass my exam with flying colors! Thanks again! 🙂
maya gonzales Just wanted to say thank you for assisting me to pass my CNA Exam. I had a perfect score on the clinical test. Thank you

Arkad Makarov Hi This is Arkad . I recently took your CNA boot camp and I am writing to let you know that I passed my CNA Board Test. Thank you for all your help! It was greatly appreciated... Thank You !

Kari Whitney I took my course with Tampa Bay CNA successfully passed the CNA exam first time. The hands on training and online videos were a great help and right on point for the state exam

Dipak Thakore I had registered for CNA and PCT 2 at Tampa bay CNA center. These people are great knowledgeable people with the art of guiding. They have excellent
instructor who insists every one of us for hands on practice especially at north Dale Mabry

Louis Poynter I passed my test and I give my personal recommendation! Thank you!

Chelsea B. A+++. Absolutely recommend this training center. You will feel prepared walking into the examination, because they give you more than enough material to
succeed. Will continue to spread the word about this place! Thanks, Dave and Arianna!

Josh and Arianna are by far the best instructors you will have if you want to pass the CNA exam on the first try.

Hi Arianna, This is Lucia, your student who want to inform you on passing my exams. Thank you very much, who has the patience to teach so well, the mixture of nationals from around the world, with different accents, yet you teach and we pass. Thank you so very much as well as Dave who teaches and encourages us to demonstrate the whole skills so that we know how to do each step correctly. I really appreciate your time and effort to write the study guide, and the videos where we can study and everything is correct. Anyway i was just saying i PASSED

Hey Dave and Arianna! I just wanted to let you know I passed my state test!!! 🙂 I enjoyed your class and you did a great job teaching! Thank you for your instructional class, videos, etc! I am now officially certified! Melissa Kxxxx, CNA -

Dear Arianna- Wow!!! A big thank you for so well preparing me for the CNA test! I took your 8 hr course on Sat XXX (I was the EMT). I took the state test on Monday XXXand passed with incredible ease. Your day course, online support and manual made the test a synch. Your skills were incredibly thorough. I couldn't believe the way
my testing partner preformed. It was ridiculous and I'm frightened if she is ever my CNA!!!! I'm not sure how, but she passed!!! What is even more alarming, she took the 120 or whatever hour course. I'm very confident in my abilities to perform this job. My intent is to obtain a PT position when i begin Paramedic school in Jan.

You obviously know what is going on and how to do things. I thank you for preparing us so well. I'm glad I spent the money, saved the time and made the trip to Tampa for your course!! Again, thank you for helping to make me prepared. TAMPA BAY CNA is Fantastic!!! I hope you are doing well and have kicked off your Holiday Season
surrounded by wonderful family & friends (students too?!?!) Best wishes. Thank you, Annie

You obviously know what is going on and how to do things. I thank you for preparing us so well. I'm glad I spent the money, saved the time, and made the trip to Tampa for your course!! Again, thank you for helping to make me prepared. TAMPA BAY CNA is Fantastic!!! I hope you are doing well and have kicked off your Holiday Season
surrounded by wonderful family & friends (students too?!?!) Best wishes. Thank you, Anniee test. I am very excited to be a licensed CNA and will be applying for jobs  today. I have finished watching all of the videos on your website. Thank You, Kristy T.



~During the Radio Show, I will be ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS~

 Opportunities in HealthCare

Hospitals PCT/ Nursing Homes / Assisted Living Facilities/ Home Health Care
How to REGISTER for Test with Prometric.com, State of Fl CNA examination.
How to PASS the State of Florida CNA Board of Nursing examination.
How to Enter and EXIT the Hospital room and ANNOUNCE yourself.




Do you need  CPR / BLS / ACLS

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Weekly CPR Classes at Both Tampa & Brandon Centers

 By: American Heart Association 


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We are an approved USA - Federal Government  CNA Training  Provider for VA Hospitals  All Contract Awards ! Government's System for Award Management (SAM)  TampabayCNA.com LLC  Code: 7NB52 Status: Active 


TampaBayCNA.com offers the E-4 CNA examination route and includes a instructor-led classroom. We also include our complete CNA PROGRAM ONLINE in VIDEO format filmed at our training center so students may continue to study and review the clinical skills at home. This online class is open 24/7 for your convenience to continue to study and review the clinical skills at home. We also include a FREE return, if needed, for additional practice time 1 week prior to testing.

The E4 Other Nursing Training route does NOT require a minimum clinical hours or externship requirement to take this test. The traditional 120-hour CNA program are for those who could not pass the state test in 3 tries. Should a student FAIL the test 3 times then it would become MANDATORY to take the longer 120-hour formal course. We rarely have anyone fail.

Due to a very large demand in our local hospitals starting the NEW YEAR all NEW training will focus to prepare our students to be ready to get a job our local hospitals as a Patient Care Technician or Nurse Technician. Package #2 which includes the additional ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS training for the Hospitals. We will continue to offer "JUST CNA" Package #1 -Examination Preparation coursee.

* We are an approved USA - Federal Government CNA Training  Provider for VA Hospitals  All Contract Awards! Government's System for Award Management (SAM)  TampabayCNA.com LLC Code: 7NB52 Status: Active

We are listed on University of South Florida's (USF) Web Site for Physician Assistant (PA) and Nurse Practitioner (NP) programs.

Notice: The above prices do NOT include $155 State of Florida Testing Fees Paid to Prometic.com. Also, if you have not had fingerprints screening you will need to go to a LiveScan vendor of your choice. If you have worked in health care, you most like have had the live scan of your fingerprints.

We offer a great CNA CLASS. Our CNA programs are FAST and EASY. We specialize in CNA training for Hospitals and of course the State of Florida Board of Nursing CNA Certification. Our locations in Tampa is a CNA CLASS near me listing.

Examination preparation course in the State of Florida means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

"Professional Development Skills Workshops for Licensed CNA's" are taken AFTER you pass your State of Florida Board of Nursing Test and does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit

ALL Certification of Advanced CNA Clinical Skills and /or Professional Development Skills Workshops and/or Continuing Education Units --  Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to: 1. Satisfy employer documentation  2. Document Certification requirements 3. Document specific job-related skills CEU's are reported to CE Broker and applied to the State of Florida CNA license renewal.

We are NOT A High School, College, University, Technical School or Career Collage.  We do not confer a diploma, degree or college credit. Certifications of Career Skills and CEUs do not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

This class is for State of Florida Only - Every state has unique laws regarding CNA. You must be licensed and trained in the state you will be working. We do NOT accept out of state students.


Florida Statue 1005.06,(d) - Institutions not under the jurisdiction or purview of the commission.-- (d) Any institution that offers only ad vocational programs or courses, examination preparation programs or courses, contract training programs or courses, continuing education, or professional development programs or courses are not required to be accredited or licensed by the Commission for Independent Education. - “Examination preparation course” means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, that is offered by a person or entity that discloses in all advertising that the course or program is for test preparation


Legal Disclaimer (Students Must Read):
The information contained in all studies at our training centers, including, and not limited to, on line course, video's, class lecture and documents has all been compiled from sources believed to be reliable at the time and is presented here as a study aid and for general information use only. This information is not intended to replace or supersede the information or procedures outlined in other officially issued study materials or government published acts or legislative documents. 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate at the time of publication, the authors are not responsible for any loss, liability, damage or injury that may be suffered or incurred by any person in connection with the information contained on this site, or any training courses or materials written or electronically presented, or by anyone who receives any type of attention, treatment, services, BLS, First Aid CNA PCT or other person treatment from a user of this information. 





Need CPR / BLS or ACLS / PALS?

"American Heart Association Classes"
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We specialize in CNA training for Hospitals and of course the State of Florida Board of Nursing CNA Certification. Our locations in Tampa is a CNA CLASS near me.  We offer a great CNA CLASS. Our CNA programs are FAST and EASY.
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