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until November and December 2023 - Only the BUSY Times.


Want to Work In a Hospital?
Advanced Hospital Clinical Skills

BOTH CNA / PCT - SALE $479.99

Want to work in a Hospital?

CNA / PCT / Nurse Tech

This package includes BOTH the CNA and the Hospital PCT / Nurse Tech

Hospital Patient Care Technician

 BOTH:  CNA / PCT / Med Teach -  SPECIAL SALE $479.99



Mon/ Tue / Wed for 1 Week  SPECIAL $279.99 SPECIAL 

1, 2 or 3 Days - In-Person - Hands On CNA Clinical Skills Class

Plus FULL CLASS on-Line

* Med Tech Included  // * 18 Hot Topics for New CNA's
*  Includes Full Class Online

We wrote the BOOK and CLIFF NOTES!




$50 SEAT DEPOSIT November & December Only



Learn 30 Items you MUST Know

to PASS the Florida CNA Clinical Skills

Hand Washing and What can potentially cause FAILURE of the test.
· Learn Formal Opening & Closing - Perform Skills/ Clean Up Procedures
· Learn HOW TO Move Patient in 3 Sections toward you.
· Learn How to Roll Patient on side.  And 2 Questions you must ask to pass.
· Learn HOW TO Tuck pillow under neck and WHICH SKILLS it is MANDATORY

· Learn HOW to put a Bed Matt On- Off and How to Replace
· Learn WHEN to use the Bed Bath Blanket During Skills
· Learn HOW to Make a Washcloth 4 Corner or Mitt and TWIST it to re-use the other sides
· Learn WHAT does ADL Stand for – And What Skills are ADL
· Learn WHAT does PPE Stand For – And Which Skills are mandatory to use them.

· Learn HOW to PROMOTE Resident’s Safety during care
· Learn WHAT are Standard Precautions in Health Care.
· Learn the 2 MOST IMPORTANT items for Infection Control during your State Test
· Learn what you must do when using a WASH BASIN or you will fail the test.
· Learn the correct PROCEDURE to CLEAN all dirty equipment.
· Learn where to put all dirty water during the test.

· Learn the 2 most FAILED Bed Safety Issues.
· Learn WHERE to place the pillow on change bed position
· Learn 3 things YOU MUST DO – when leaving a patient on their side.
· Learn HOW TO Correct a mistake during your state test.
· Learn HOW and Where TO RECORD information during the state test.
· Learn HOW TO CLEAN UP the room at the end of each skill

· Learn the 5 ITEMS that are important parts of COMMUNICATION.
· Learn where NOT to LEAVE the Call light or your will fail the test.
· Learn the important difference between Hospitals CNAs and Nursing Home CNA’s.
· Learn How to SPEAK to your patient and give information.
· Learn MUST DO item if a patient is “Sitting in a chair” before and after you do a skill.
· What 2 things that will IMMEDIATE cause a test failure when using a Wheelchair.
· Learn what you MUST DO in order to remove a patient from the bed or fail the test
· Learn where the Transfer Belt must be position or you can fail the state test.




Hospital PCT Students Will also attend the

 PCT / Blood Pressure Workshop

How the program is set up:

1. Chose your Package - PAY FOR CNA or Hospital CNA/PCT.
2. We will create that day your personal ONLINE ACCESS to the full class - You can start immediately to look at the CNA clinical skills class online.
3. RESERVE A SET for your - LIVE - Hand-On Clinical Skills Class:
4. Attend the CNA - LIVE - Hand-On - Clinical Skills Class
5. REGISTER with PROMETRIC to take your State test- (3 weeks wait time.)
6. Attend the Advanced Hospital PCT Workshop (PCT Hospital Pkg)



Legal Disclaimer (Students Must Read):
The information contained in all studies at our training centers, including, and not limited to, on line course, video's, class lecture and documents has all been compiled from sources believed to be reliable at the time and is presented here as a study aid and for general information use only. This information is not intended to replace or supersede the information or procedures outlined in other officially issued study materials or government published acts or legislative documents. 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate at the time of publication, the authors are not responsible for any loss, liability, damage or injury that may be suffered or incurred by any person in connection with the information contained on this site, or any training courses or materials written or electronically presented, or by anyone who receives any type of attention, treatment, services, BLS, First Aid CNA PCT or other person treatment from a user of this information. 


Examination preparation course in the State of Florida means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

Our CNA programs are FAST and EASY. This "Examination Preparation Course" will prepare you for the State of Florida Certified Nursing Assistant test. This type of training will FOCUS on everything you need to learn to pass the State of Florida CNA examinations.

Our course includes BOTH:  Hands-On at our training center and online class.

-  Exam Prep  - 40 hrs. Self-Guided.


All training materials, training manuals and student hand-outs, Cram Sheet Notes and study guides given to any student were written by Arianna Christiano Lewis and are Federal Copyright© protected written words and verbal works of art with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No one person, organization, college, high school, hospital and/or any others, have been given the 'RIGHT to USE' our custom created training materials written by Arianna Christiano Lewis.

We do NOT GRANT PERMISSION to SELL or DISTRIBUTE these training materials beyond the one person / student who attends this class. NO ONE ELSE. No one has ever been given PERMISSION to copy / or / distribute our custom created CNA Exam Prep Program - written words and spoken words for training. Kindly REPORT those who are breaking the Federal Copyright law here  TampaBayCNA@Gmail.com

All CNA and Career Skills Courses for Licensed CNA's are both "Hands-On" Clinical Skills at our training center and "On Line Video's" courses of healthcare foundational subjects to review and study at home for you test.

The State of Florida Board of Nursing does NOT issue a CNA Training manual to be used to teach this course. Therefore, we had to create ALL our own training materials including manuals, hand-out etc. Copyright© Materials - All Rights Reserved.

We will seek litigation to the fullest limits of USA Federal Copyright© Laws in the event that our material is distributed or used by others to teach or train people who were not enrolled in our program.  Copyright© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022


Legal Information

Examination preparation course in the State of Florida means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

"Professional Development Skills Workshops for Licensed CNA's" are taken AFTER you pass your State of Florida Board of Nursing Test and does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit

ALL Certification of Advanced CNA Clinical Skills and /or Professional Development Skills Workshops and/or Continuing Education Units

Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to: 1. Satisfy employer documentation  2. Document Certification requirements 3. Document specific job-related skills CEU's are reported to CE Broker and applied to the State of Florida CNA license renewal.

loses in all advertising that the course or program is for test prith State of Florida:
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