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Past Student Comments...  

Please take the time to READ the many E-mails we have received from former students below, if you still have questions please call or email (813) 333-5459 Email:TampaBayCNA99@yahoo.com

 I passed the CNA Exam with flying colors and the RN administering the exam wondered where I received my education because I was so precise in the clinical exam. 


John Cameron  I  took this class in December over the holidays. The only 3 people who passed that day were all from Tampa Bay CNA. The person I tested with was not taught the opening procedure, she failed. They really do have a good program.

JJessica Alix  After looking at a few programs, the TampaBayCNA was by far the best choice I could have made. The instructors are both extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and certainly prepare you for the CNA exam.

Shannon Brumwell  Arianna and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and approachable, with lots of extra information and assistance to help you prepare and pass the state licensing test. Economical prices, accelerated class work, and labs to quickly attain …

Paul Holguin  Tampa Bay CNA is the best place to go if you're looking to get certified. They gave me all of the information I needed and even worked with me on extending my account so that I had more than enough time to make sure I would pass. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful so I will definitely be recommending to others.                                       

 muluadam mesfin Tampa Bay CNA is the best school to attend, the instructor, the staff and Arianna are very helpful and professional. The school makes sure you pass your state exam by teaching you the right stuff the first time.

 Siddharth Kamath Amazing experience! Helped our daughter with all the material she needed for the test. Highly recommended!

 alexis rieger  Overall great experience with Arianna and her training facility. She is very thorough and gets right to the point. I highly recommend taking her CNA course. She also offers great package deals as well. I am currently taking the class and am very happy I decided to take this course.

 Miss Cruz305  I PASSED BOTH CLINICAL & WRITTEN CNA EXAM THANKS TO MS. ARRIANNA TRAINING. I found out about the package deal online which was very informative. My overall experience was great. Also miss Arianna was able to answer every question I had available to her So I definitely referred people to take her training course.

 Katherine Bryan  Passed my cna first time! Pct class was amazing learn a lot of things and hands on!! She’s very nice and very patient!! Thank you

 Jennifer Bell  I took the CNA / PCT course and drove up from Miami. Miami does not have this type of program. The courses in Miami are very expensive. I took the test in Miami and passed. I was just hired at the hospital. It was well worth the travel to time Tampa to do this class.

 Alexandra Martin  Highly recommend this program. The prices are reasonable and they give you a lot of extras. I passed the first time and just got my first job.

 Geneva Wilburn  Arianna is a great teacher. She takes her time and explains everything you need to know for the CNAs test . After taking Arianna’s class, I pass the CNA TEST THE FIRST TIME. TampaBayCNA is great place.

 Hazel Willis  This program is the best, it will teach you everything to take the state test. Tom was my instructor and made it easy to learn the skills.

 Helen Bell  I took this class in November and passed in January. The online class allowed me to study later at night when the kids were in bed. I was the only who passed all day. I tested last. I would recommend this program

Joe Duncan  I recommend this course. I passed my test. Thank you.

 Leslie Ramirez  Tampabay CNA is a great facility. I passed the written and clinical test on my first try. They offer you great package deals and they’re great at answering all the questions you have. I am from Naples and this course is super expensive, so I’m super grateful to have heard about Tampabay CNA. I definitely recommend!!!

Corey Chappell  I recommend Tampa Bay C N A classes for your Certified Nurse Assistance course. The hands-on class and online videos helped me a lot. The RN at the test asked me where I had taken my class. She said I did a very good job on my skills. I recommend them to everyone.

 Megan M  I took my CANA class in November at the Tampa Center and just passed my test today, the first time! I want to tell everyone they will teach you the skills right to pass. Many people failed the test. My instructor was Tom, he was an exceptional instructor! Thank you!

 Steve Braggs   I passed the first time. I purchased the C N A and Advanced Hospital PCT course in December. Just passed 2 weeks ago, and was offered a new job this week. I am so happy I choose Tampa Bay CNA. I recommend their training class.

Louis Simon  I just wanted to tell everyone that Tampa Bay CNA has the best CNA program. I took my test and passed the first time. The RN at the test, ask me where I had trained, and commented that I had a perfect score. I was very happy and I highly recommend Tampa Bay CNA.

 Izzy Huezo I  took my class here for CNA. I learned a lot about the clinical portion of CNA work. My instructor was strict and told us what we needed to know when caring for a patient. When you take the CNA exam, I would HIGHLY suggest to study for the multiple choice part of the exam! This school puts emphasis on the clinical portion of the exam.

 John Morelli  I had a great experience at Tampa Bay CNA! The people are the greatest I've ever dealt with. The instructors are AMAZING!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

 Russell Giannone  Thanks to Adrianna I was able to pass my exam with flying colors! Thanks again! :)

 maya gonzales Just wanted to say thank you for assisting me to pass my CNA Exam. I had a perfect score on the clinical test. Thank you

 Arkad Makarov Hi This is Arkad . I recently took your CNA boot camp and I am writing to let you know that I passed my CNA Board Test. Thank you for all your help! It was greatly appreciated... Thank You !

 Kari Whitney  I took my course with Tampa Bay CNA successfully passed the CNA exam first time. The hands on training and online videos were a great help and right on point for the state exam

 Dipak Thakore  I had registered for CNA and PCT 2 at Tampa bay CNA center. These people are great knowledgeable people with the art of guiding. They have excellent instructor who insists every one of us for hands on practice especially at north Dale Mabry

 Louis Poynter  I passed my test and I give my personal recommendation! Thank you!

 Chelsea B.  A+++. Absolutely recommend this training center. You will feel prepared walking into the examination, because they give you more than enough material to succeed. Will continue to spread the word about this place! Thanks, Dave and Arianna!

Tom and Arianna are by far the best instructors you will have if you want to pass the CNA exam on the first try.


Hi Arianna,  This is Lucia, your student who want to inform you on passing my exams. Thank you very much, who has the patience to teach so well, the mixture of nationals from around the world, with different accents, yet you teach and we pass.
Thank you so very much as well as Dave who teaches and encourages us to demonstrate the whole skills so that we know how to do each step correctly.

I really appreciate your time and effort to write the study guide, and the videos where we can study and everything is correct. Anyway i was just saying i PASSED :). 

Hey Dave and Arianna! I just wanted to let you know I passed my state test!!! :) I enjoyed your class and you did a great job teaching!  Thank you for your instructional class, videos, etc! I am now officially certified!  Melissa Kxxxx, CNA -

Dear   Arianna- Wow!!! A big thank you for so well preparing me for the CNA test! I took your 8 hr course on Sat XXX (I was the EMT). I took the state test on Monday XXXand passed with incredible ease. Your day course, online support and manual made the test a synch. Your skills were incredibly thorough. I couldn't believe the way my testing partner preformed. It was ridiculous and I'm frightened if she is ever my CNA!!!! I'm not sure how, but she passed!!! What is even more alarming, she took the 120 or whatever hour course. I'm very confident in my abilities to perform this job. My intent is to obtain a PT position when i begin Paramedic school in Jan.

You obviously know what is going on and how to do things. I thank you for preparing us so well. I'm glad I spent the money, saved the time and made the trip to Tampa for your course!!
Again, thank you for helping to make me prepared. TAMPA BAY CNA is Fantastic!!! I hope you are doing well and have kicked off your Holiday Season surrounded by wonderful family & friends (students too?!?!) Best wishes. Thank you, Annie

Hello   Tom and Arianna, I passed my CNA Exam yesterday!!! I cannot tell you how "right on point" your program is. I had a very strict nurse too. The first two people had gone through a six week program and they both failed their clinical. Of course I didn't get to watch them to see what they did wrong, but I was getting very nervous. One of those said that it was her third time failing with this nurse giving the test.  I am very excited to be a licensed CNA and will be applying for jobs today. I have finished watching all of the videos on your website. Thank You,  Kristy T.

Dear   Tom: THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your wonderful class and all the tips that you gave the class for taking and passing the exam.  I took the class back in June; but because of all the "stuff" in my life, I did not sign up for the exam until XXX There were nine of us to be tested.  THANK YOU, you gave me all the information that I needed to pass the exam.  I was amazed by the lack of preparation the other students had.  I don't know how they studied or were trained; but they certainly needed more help. THANKS again for all you did for me.  You will see my name on the list of CNA's shortly!!! Hilary

Dear   Tom, I took your August 1st Course-Tampa location and took my exam yesterday and passed both written and clinical skills!!! Thank You so much for the wonderful job you do to get your students prepared, and ready for this exam!! The class is very through, combined with your study handbook, and online study classroom, you have done a magnificent job!!! I'm so excited!! Thank You So Much Again, and God Bless you and your work!!!! Sincerely,  Sherri

Greetings   Arianna; I took your class on May XXXXXXX I wanted to tell you, with great pride, that I passed my clinical and written tests on my FIRST TRY. I truly appreciate not only your hands-on class but also all of the resources you offer on-line.  I wanted to let you know that they are very much keying in on the "small stuff" details just like you said. Every person that was at the site to re-test had recently failed for not paying attention to the details. I appreciate all your help and look forward to using your CEU web site for my additional CEU's to renew my CNA License. Sincerely Garrett  CNA

Hello   Dave  & Arianna,   Thank you again for such an informative class!!!  I passed the CNA exam 2 weeks after taking your class and I am so excited.  I don't know if I could have done it without the class and the online videos were just icing on the cake.  Those really help for the last minute  and to make sure you are confident going in that intimidating testing site.  And your CPR/AED class was great too.  Your son is just a ball of life and he made the class so much fun.  Thank you again.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart

Dear   Arianna... Just a note to let you know that I PASSED my CNA test Thursday.... Remember, I am the girl who had attended a very expensive class in Sarasota.... and they wanted to charge me again to  REVIEW after I failed the first time  After wasting $1250 in Sarasota... I am telling everyone I know to SAVE THEIR MONEY and come to your center for your Saturday program Program. You truly are a gifted Teacher.. very well organized.... and you made the Clinical Skills simple for me. Thank you.

Dear   Arianna: My sister, Nancy, and I came up to Tampa from West Palm Beach and took your class in February; we tested yesterday and we BOTH passed!!!

Not only that, we were the ONLY ones in our full group TO PASS BOTH CLINICAL AND Written!  Interesting that everyone else were people that were either already working at nursing homes or took an 8 to 12 week classes and dished out BIG money for their class and still failed..  YOUR BOOK, ONLINE VIDEOS AND CLASS WAS DEAD ON AND TAUGHT US EVERYTHING WE NEEDED AND MORE!  Thank you SO MUCH!.

Hi   Tom, I want to thank you for your detailed product.  I took your class February.  You gave me everything I needed to pass the exam the first time.  I passed! Rae Navarre, FL

Hi  I wanted to share the good news that I passed the CNA exam on my first attempt on May Your program and online material is very good and with diligent studying I was well prepared for the exam Thanks, Annie B

Dear   Adriana, Well, congratulate yourself and your program on another student successfully passing the state CNA exam!  In fact, the nurse said I performed the clinical skills perfectly...something she hasn't seen in weeks!  Thanks again for your wonderful prep class.  Kerrie E.

Hello there, just a quick thank you for all your help... This is Daniel, the EMT in Fort Myers..... not only did I pass the complete test today, but when I was done the nurse said it was like i had it memorized from a book and asked where I trained...  and liked that I verbalized to her " palpating for the brachial artery" I will double check that there is no moisture between the toes" and " are you dizzy" I made small talk with the patient about family and visits, and during closing I asked the patient if she wanted the curtain to be left open or closed so she could sleep....

She couldn't believe I went to a one day course... I feel like I got the best training money could buy from you,
and practicing with the book open and   iewing the clinical skills videos at home was a valuable resource...  By the way the RN grading me was a very stern woman and she gave me accolades... that's a direct reflection of your training and the effort you put into such a great program... I will suggest it to every EMT I know... the personal patient skills come in handy, sometimes we are in the ER for 30 minutes with a p/t before a nurse can come relieve us... so knowing these skills really helps...  I cant say enough good things about your course... you were right about everything...  Thanks again Dan

Dear Arianna, Just a note to say that my daughter and I both passed our CNA exam today in Delray Beach. We took your program Saturday class in January. It took a bit of time to get a date here and we also had to get fingerprints done first. One person failed who was getting recertified.  Did you know some of the people paid well over $1000 for their courses and the class was full time for 3 months? Your course is just wonderful... and well worth the drive to Tampa for us - over 4 hours...anyway, thank you so much for your instruction, work books and on-line Clinical Skills  iew Videos.
- Lauren

Hi Arianna, I took my test today in Quincy Fl and passed both sections!  Thank you for the great job that you are doing.  I don't think I would have passed the first time without taking your great class.  When I signed up for your FastTrack Saturday class in January, my expectations were low.  I hoped that I would learn a little something but at most that I had not wasted my time and money driving from Georgia.  You exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much! God Bless You! Ami

Dear   Arianna , This is Bonnie I'm Writing to tell you I took my state exam yesterday XXXXXXI was a wreck But I  remembered what you said about thinking on my feet and prayed real hard and left it in god's hands there was 6 of us the first 2  came out and they didn't pass that made my nerves raddled even more the girl i went in with went before me she forgot everything the instructor even told her do it don't show me while knocking but she kept knocking on air i felt so bad for her i wanted to cry. she spent so much time washing her hands the two time's she had to that she ran out of time and didn't get to do her 3rd skill  but when it was my turn i told god he was driving  and it would be as he wanted it I did my 3 skill's as i was tough strange  how they just fell  into place I messed up but remembered to correct my self I was sure I  didn't pass but when the instructor came out and handed us our grade I was  truly happy to see  that passing grade out of 6 of us I was the only one who passed I also was the only one  from your class  God bless you and your work and thanks for believing in me when i wasn't so sure of my self I will remember you always and will tell everyone who wants to be a CNA  about you and how they can find you! Thanks for all your help and Happy Holiday's Bonnie B.      Bradenton Florida

Hello   Arianna; I passed! I passed!  I thank God I had you as my instructor and found you to be an inspiration, I'm sure I speak for others. I was a nervous wreck, but I called on your gentle, loving spirit and asked for guidance to remember what you helped me learn.  Thank you so very much! OMG! I'm still ecstatic!  My partner paid over $1000. and this was her second attempt.  After brushing my teeth she cleaned up before ensuring my comfort.  She was instructed to return emesis basin to drawer since others will be using it.  She rinsed it out, then placed it on top of the toilet while she washed her hands...I thought to myself "Oh NO!!   She also made comments about how "tiny" I was and that I was a "little something" while weighing me, another OOOPPPSSS!!!!  I take  it  she forgot I was a patient.  I felt terrible for her.....    Thanks again for being such a great teacher and encouraging your students in other areas of life. Tanja O.

Dear   Arianna, Guess What... I PASSED !!!!! YEA YEA YEA!  Thank you so much, out of 8 people today only 2 of us passed.  I spoke with others who were testing it was obvious that they were NOT taught the same way you demonstrated the skill. I am so happy I passed and chose your training center.  Also, the QUICK STUDY GUIDE was so helpful, I took it with me.  Some of the other people there noticed that they were not taught the same way, and they failed.  I feet sad for them. One of the girls who failed paid $1,500.00 for their class.  I was the last one to test and very nervous. Thank you for being such a great caring teacher.  Thank you also for the all SAINTS bracelet. I will remember fo er what you told us about walking with Saints and our hands touching for God.  I will remember you always. Blessings.  Cynthia P.

Hi   Arianna, I took both my written and clinical skills exams today at XXX.  I passed with flying colors. Only 2 other people passed today....one of the people that failed was in with me and she never even washed her hands through ALL her skills, I couldn't believe it.  Everyone else was taught completely differently than me, but obviously I was taught much better or they would have all passed.  I have you to thank for that.  I will recommend you to any and everyone I know that is interested in becoming a CNA.  Again, thank you soooooooo much! Katherine

Dear   Arianna, I took the CNA test last Friday with six other people who all had some nursing experience. One woman was an RN who was getting re-certified. While we were waiting to be tested, some of these folks took turns going over how each CNA skill should be performed. They were all quick & dirty versions of what you taught. For a minute they had me questioning which way I should perform my skills. I felt somewhat insecure. I made the decision to do the skills just as you taught them, because I felt you were the authority God placed over me to teach me. I ended up being the last person to test. The people who went before me all received a piece of paper containing comments about steps they missed, which they all read out loud to the rest of us. I didn't receive a comment sheet so I located the teacher and asked her for it, thinking she forgot to give it to me. She said she didn't give me one because I didn't miss anything! Thank you so much for your excellent training! I will always remember you.:) Alyce XXX  PS. I Passed the written test, as well.

Hey   Arianna, I passed! I passed! I passed! Just wanted to thank you for everything. I realized just how thorough and detailed your class was and how much it prepared me as I was awaiting my exam with the other candidates. Some of them didn't even know the most common procedures. Thank you again for everything. Your class is awesome and you are truly a wonderful instructor. Thanks so much, Chery

Hi   Arianna This is Carrissa TXXX. I recently took your CNA boot camp and I am writing to let you know that I passed my CNA Board Test. Thank you for all your help! It was greatly appreciated...  Thank You, Carrissa TXXXX.

Hey   Arianna, I just wanted you to know that I passed my CNA exam today. I was very nervous, but passed. Thank you for everything. I learned a lot in your class. Have a great day. Sincerely, Deborah KXXX

Hi   Arianna, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test at the beginning of the month and am going to look for employment today. Thank you so much for all the help you gave. Your class gave me the confidence I needed to pass the test. I will be using you as a reference as you said it was okay to do. Wishing you and your family wonderful holidays!!!! Thank you again!! Heidi

Hi   Arianna! I just wanted to let you know that I took my CNA test this morning in Tallahassee and I passed both parts, and to thank you so much for all your help :) During the test, when I'd read questions, little things that you said would pop into my head and it was really funny to me! Anyways, I just thought you might like to know I passed, and the videos were SUCH a big help to  iew the skills, they cleared up all my questions and I felt extremely confident going into my CNA exam. Thank you again! Sincerely,   Kelly

Hi   Arianna, Just wanted to say thanks for everything your class did to get me prepared for the CNA exam. The class was a great asset and I went into the exam well taught and confident in my abilities. The online assistance enabled me to continue preparations after the class was completed and was a tremendous advantage over other school training programs.  Respectfully, Clayton G. Blake/ Human Resources Specialist / Personnel
Automation Specialist Army PSST/ Macdill AFB COMM:

To my Best Teacher Ever: Hi   Arianna.... Just wanted to let you know how the CNA test went.
I Passed !... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.!!! If it wasn't for you and your wonderful class--AND---your Internet Training---I would not be where I am today. Again, thank you so very much. Thank you for making your class fun. God bless, and good luck with future classes. Best Regards---Robert F

Hello   Arianna: This is to inform you that on XXXXX I passed the Nursing Assistant Test. Please put me on your list as another successful student of your class.  Thank you Ramona

Arianna: I passed, I passed, I passed!!!  I wanted to thank you for all your help and encouragement...that was the best investment I've ever made through PayPal. The skills were a bit nerve racking, but the written was a breeze... Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, you were such a pleasure to have as a teacher and I was blessed to be your student.      God Bless, ~Judy~

Hi Arianna, I passed! ..... I had it pretty easy. A CNA who let her license lapse (she was a CNA for 8 years) failed because she didn't know today's testing procedures (she forgot to place paper towels in the sink for dentures), she failed the whole clinical because she forgot this item! Thank you for your CNA service and friendship!  Elizabeth

Hello Arianna, I was just writing you to thank you for all your help. I passed the CNA exam today and am so excited to get started in my new career. I have you to thank for this wonderful opportunity, so thanks again and I will recommend your program to anyone interested. Sincerely, Jeff

Hi Arianna, I took your course in April this year and I passed the license test on XXXXXX I was so excited as it was stressful to say the least! On JXXXX I was employed by a nursing home in my town and am doing well. It has definitely been a good experience and I wanted to thank you for all your expertise and wonderful training.

I would definitely recommend your CNA "Boot Camp" to anyone wishing to go into this profession.
Thanks again for everything! Catherine
Dear Arianna , I just wanted to give you the heads up that I passed the state test. Thank you again for being a great teacher. Margaret

Hi Arianna,  This is Jessica.... You might not remember me but I took your CNA course last March and passed my CNA test in April. Shortly after in May I got a job at University Community Hospital at Carrollwood in Tampa. My new supervisor told me upon hiring that the HCC nursing program was looking for UCH employees to be a part of their RN program because of a grant. I applied and got in and started nursing school 3 weeks later! UCH even pays for most of my school fees!  I'm still working as a Nurse Tech at UCH and I'll graduate from HCC as an RN in August! I can't believe how everything fell into place. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for helping me get started. Had I not took your course and became a CNA so quickly, I would not have heard about the opening in the RN program and would probably still be trying to figure out my schooling! Thank you so much for your caring attitude and your desire for our best. I hope all is well for you!
 God Bless, Jessica

Dear Arianna,
I passed my CNA test today! Thank you for all of your help. I just wanted to tell how impressed I was with your program. Some of the other students today did not understand the procedures as well as I did and they were in four month classes! I think your program does an awesome job at teaching all the important material in a shorter amount of time. You were a wonderful teacher, thanks again for all of your help!
Hope +++++++

Dear Arianna,
I just passed the CNA tests. Smile.
Thank you so much for all of your help. I did not think it would be possible to cover all the material in such a short length of time. The CNA BOOT CAMP program gave me all the tools I needed to study and perform the CNA Skills with self confidence.   As a student at USF, I simply did not have the time for a long 4 month training program. After watching my test partner miss doing the procedures correctly. I realize that you are a MASTER CNA Teacher. I will be happy to tell others about your program in the future. I am so happy that I found your web site.  Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 

I Arianna, I wanted to let you know I went and sat for my test yesterday.  Everything went well and I passed. I had planned to call you and  some things, but my week was really crazy as we're so busy at work. I  reviewed a whole lot and ran through some practice on my partner so I felt pretty good about remembering everything. My 3 skills were the XXXXX (piece of cake), Measure XXXXt (also pretty easy) and of course my luck ran out and I had to do a XXXXXX. Not that it's hard, just lots of stuff to remember.

It was really kind of funny (in retrospect of course), I was so nervous during the test. I liked doing the change of position since the other girl taking her test was in the room with me. Once she left and it was just the nurse and I it was really stressful.

I did want to let you know what a good time I had with your class. I really learned a lot. The girl I partnered with took her class at the Red Cross. It was interesting to see how many things she did incorrectly .... she used her thumb to do the pulse, she lifted me by my shoulders rather than using the gait belt, she never explained the "stand on 1-2-3" or asked the "are you dizzy" question.

I'm glad it's over. If you should ever need someone for a reference for your class please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to talk to any potential students you might have.  After seeing what the other classes are teaching I feel even more strongly about my experience and the preparation I received from your classes.  Well, take good care. Thanks for everything!!
Peace, Nance++++++++++++

Hello, this is Raysa. I passed the test. . The person who was doing the test with me forgot so many things. She forget everything, from wash hands, open and close curtain, check id, check bed brake, wear gloves.. I remember everything even to pinch the sheets. Well, I wanted to say thanks for the extra private tutoring on Thursday, it helped me a lot to feel self-confident during my test.
Take care and good luck. I will be sure to spread the word